Ice Ice Baby: Deconstructed Arnold Palmer Recipe


The good news:

This recipe is way less complicated than it sounds, but is definitely as impressive.

Wow your taste buds and your guests with this refreshing, satisfying beverage. 

  • Brew and let cool Organic Breakfast at Tiffany's or any mild black tea
  • Two sugar cubes per glass
  • Create and freeze ice cubes made with lemonade 
  • 1oz vodka per glass (optional)
  • .5oz per glass of lemon juice


  • Muddle sugar cubes in glass
  • Put ice cubes in glass
  • Pour tea over ice
  • Stir in lemon juice

Enjoy a new layer of flavour with each and every sip as the ice cubes slowly release additional lemon flavour. (Beats having a beverage diluted with water!) 

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