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Self-Care: 5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Day Off

Days off do not come as often as we would like, and seem to fly by quicker then we can say "time to relax". We have gathered a list of things to do that will make your day off one worth repeating.

1. Wake up with a cup of mindfulness

Use the start of your day off to take a moment for yourself and set the intentions for day. As you’re making your morning tea, immerse yourself in the process- watch the water boil, notice how the water begins to be infused with the tea leaves as you pour the water in your cup. Being mindful and taking time in your day for you is key to your overall well being.


2. Namaste

Yoga is the perfect balance of a workout for the mind, body and soul. To set your day off right, try beginning with some basic stretching and yoga poses. Exercising releases endorphins- who wouldn’t want nature’s natural happy drug for a day of you!


3. Read a book

We encourage kids and teens to read- but when was the last time you took a break and sat down and read a good book? This time of year is just calling for us to put on fuzzy socks, curl up with a blanket, book and a cup of warm tea like Pumpkin Spice.


4. Do a face mask

Don’t have a store bought one on hand? No problem, some of the best masks are DIY ones using common items you likely already have in your kitchen. For some other beauty hacks using tea, check out this blog.

5. Soak in the tub

Hot baths have been proven to be good for your overall well being - so it’s a guilt free moment of relaxation. Take your bath experience up a notch and incorporate quality bath products such as - Bathorium's Sabai Bath Bomb.

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