3 Easy Tea Infused Breakfast Recipes


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People assume tea is generally only good for drinking. Think again! Here are three super easy recipes that you can incorporate into your daily breakfast routine and add some extra health benefits without the extra effort! 

Simply watch the video above, or check out the details below:

Chai Love You Oatmeal:

Steep your favourite chai tea in boiling water (We recommend Chai Love You), wait 4 minutes. Then pour half a cup over your instant oatmeal for an instant full bodied flavour kick! 

Bonus; Black tea benefits include increased blood circulation, better oral health, and adding to positive cardio vascular health. We think a happy heart is a happy person :)


Skinny in the City Smoothie

Skinny in the City is a blend of yerba mate, a long known popular beverage amongst South Americans, has been said to increase your energy & metabolism while burning fat. This triple threat is blended with lemon essence and natural plant based caffeine is the perfect beverage to kick start your day while feeling & looking great! 

How do you add this to your smoothie? Simply steep, chill (put in fridge the night before) then add about half a cup of it your favourite smoothie. In this case, we found fresh strawberries, bananas & yogurt were an awesome combination.



Sencha Smoothie

Same concept here, except we find sencha green tea pairs well with veggie based smoothies. Above, we blended kale, spinach, grapes (for some sweetness) and some chilled sencha tea for the perfect iron rich liquid veggie breakfast on the go.

Super tea alert! The antioxidant levels present in Sencha green tea are hundreds of times more powerful than Vitamin C and twenty five times more powerful than Vitamin E when it comes to protecting the immune system.

Did you get to try any of these recipes? Tell us what you thought of them!



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