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You Can Now "Teabag" Your Frenemies?

Okay so it's a little silly, slightly clever, but a whole lot of funny. Some new company called TeaBagByMail, wants to know if you have someone in mind that deserves your ball-sack at the door step, work place, or dorm. If so, they're here to help.

Yes, this is totally serious though totally hilarious. It comes with a card that says "YOU'VE BEEN #TEABAGGED!" with a reusable teabag shaped like family jewels, filled with supposedly decent loose leaf tea, so there's props for that. It's $15 to send and ships anonymously worldwide. 

One thing they are also serious about is cancer research. We thought it was cool to see that $1 for every order is dedicated to testicular cancer research. That's pretty awesome.

We can see a whole lot of guys probably finding this more entertaining, given the fratty trend concept of "teabagging" *disclaimer - google that word at your own risk!

Our overall thoughts? Totally ridickulous. 

More info at www.TeaBagbyMail.com

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