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Tea Talk: How to Store Your Tea

-Written by tea'se specialist, Rebekah Thornquist

Only recently have I started to think about what I am storing my tea in. I was just taking what people said for granted, but not really doing any research to back up the claims. The information I found was interesting to me so I thought I would share it would with you!

I am going to go from worse option to best option, here they are - Let's get right into it. 


Never, never, never, NEVER put your tea in a plastic container. That is a big no-no.

Plastic is bursting with harmful chemicals that will leech into your dry tealeaves.


Paper looks really cute, and the packaging tastes nice but there is virtually no protection to your tea. Paper bags or containers leave your tea susceptible to air, moisture, and light.

Foil Bag:

90% of the time when you buy loose leaf tea online and even sometimes in-store with places like DavidsTea and Teavana it comes in these foil bags. They’re cute, inexpensive for the supplier, and provide some protection. These bags are good for the journey from the store or distribution center to your home, but after that you should exchange the bag for another storage option.

These bags protect your tea from getting any bugs or unwanted things during travel. It also minimally protects the tea from moisture and air.

Con? Light get through the bag with no problem and foil bags tend to get humid fast.


This one was always conflicting to me. Glass containers are so adorable and you can see your beautiful tea leaves all day! But sadly, glass containers have all the beautiful, physical appeal, they are awesome at keeping out moisture and air, but they are a big no-no when it comes to light.

Tea is VERY sensitive to light in that it strips tea of its color and flavors over a short period of time. If you are going to store your tea in glass, store it in a dark place with minimal light exposure.

Stainless Steal:

I think that stainless steel is the most popular way to store loose leaf tea. And it’s how I store most of my tea! It is awesome at keeping out moisture, air, and light! The only downfall of this container is that if it is left in direct sunlight or a hot space it will cook your tea. A simple solution to this is to not leave your container in direct sunlight or in hot environments!


I believe that Ceramic is the best way to store your tea. It protects your tea from heat, moisture, light, and air.

Sometimes when you buy a ceramic jar this is a gap between the lid and the base or it’s really wiggly. Take some cloth between the base and the lid to create a better seal.

 Random Storage Tips:

Here are some tips for when you are storing your tea, regardless of the type of container you use.

  • If you buy in bulk, keep most of the tea in a large container and use a smaller one for everyday use to limit air contact with the tea leaves.
  • we do not recommend storing tea in the refrigerator or freezer because continual opening and closing of the door causes rapid changes in humidity. Modern freezers cycle through different temperatures and often create an icing problem. Moisture seeps into the container and robs the tea leaves of flavor.
  • Avoid storing your tea near spices or aromatic foods, or you might find that your best jasmine now tastes like yesterday’s roast turkey. Even when storing teas together, a spicy tea, such as chai, can often impart its flavor onto the others.
  • If you reuse the tins or ceramic jars, be sure to let them air out completely before refilling with a different tea to avoid transferring scent


Born, raised, and residing in sunny California, Rebekah wants to live in a world where everyone drinks tea, books come bundled with pizza, and every “thank you” note is scribbled by hand.As an actress and tea lover, she decided to combine her two loves into Teacups and Blossoms- a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching and sharing with others about the world of tea.When she’s not filming new videos or performing on stage, you can find her reading and re-reading her favorite books, cooking delicious gluten-free recipes, and shamelessly watching seamless hours of Downton Abbey. 

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March 02, 2015

I am so grateful for your blog.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.
Bernard http://carydalba.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/01/03/165608


February 26, 2015

Thank you for your well-written article! I’ve been storing most of my tea incorrectly, so this was very helpful :)

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