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In the Spirit of Love...

-Written by Sheena Brady, Certified Tea Sommelier

Side of the bed, wedding rings, and if you’re really lucky, closets.

Having these items differentiated by “His & Hers” is really a beautiful thing. In my relationship, whenever we are in the mood to indulge a little, we even have a his & her whiskey: Scotch & Bourbon. We often sip these spirits slowly together, while we get cozied up to a movie. My idea of the perfect date night.

As our relationship has blossomed, another “His & Her” ritual we have developed is afternoon tea in our home. It’s really the perfect snack to sustain you until dinner while also simply enjoying a quiet afternoon together with no distractions.
When it comes to choosing our tea for this ritual, just like our spirit preferences we have our tea preferences. Though we live in a world today where there are countless interesting teas and blends to choose from, similar to our choice in spirits, we have a weakness for the classics.
“His” favorite tea was actually created completely by mistake centuries ago when a group of Chinese men were concerned about not meeting a deadline for a tea pick up. In an effort to speed up the drying process of the leaves, the men lit a fire using pine and laid the leaves to dry overtop.  The result: A bold, boisterous tea featuring seductive and smoky aromatics yet soft and smooth to the taste when steeped. If you’ve ever smelled a cup of Lapsang Souchong before, you would never forget it. Coincidentally, its masculine strong smell that can fill an entire room is often mistaken for a scotch because of its “peaty” notes. The Lapsang Souchong he specifically enjoys is with no coincidence called Smoke Show. It’s what I personally like to refer to as “A man’s tea”
Once I’ve prepared him a cup of Smoke Show, I then continue our ritual by preparing one of my favorite afternoon teas. No, it does not smell or taste like bourbon. (Though if I ever came across one that does, I’m sure I’d be hooked!) Black leaves coated in the citrus oil bergamot, it is a traditional Earl Grey with a romantic twist – It is laced with rose petals, cornflowers and hints of vanilla resulting in a natural, intoxicating creaminess. This unique take on a classic is called Duchess of Earl as it emits soft, elegant and feminine qualities both on the nose and on the palate. With vibrant floral blues & pinks peeking through the black leaves, it tastes as beautiful as it looks.
Both with tea in hand, we cozy up together and with each pleasing sip enjoy a moment of peacefulness, as we continue to enjoy each other’s company and the fact that there is nothing on our agenda for the remainder of the day. Yes, “His & Her” tea can be that good.

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February 14, 2015

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