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DIY Tea Infused Cocktails

I'm just going to give you the best news up front. These cocktails are so easy, and chances are even the the newest tea lover probably has most of these ingredients lying around. The following cocktail recipes can be seamlessly modified to your needs and are intended to be super user friendly to make at home at any time with minimal bar "equipment" Bonus: No "Mixology" skills needed! (Though once your friends or lover takes a sip, they'll think you're a pro, and ask what your "secret" is.


Feel free to watch the video above or simply read on.

Let's get right into it!


Chai Love You (Hot Toddy) 
-2oz of heavily steeped chai, or "chai love you" tea
-1.5 oz rum
-.05 oz 100% pure maple syrup 
-Cinnamon stick garnish
Directions: Steep your chai tea. Add your rum. Mix in the maple syrup. Stir with that cinnamon stick. How easy was that! This cocktail is not only an amazing warm hug disguised as a cocktail, but can be a killer nightcap too if you use a caffeine free herbal chai. 



Crime of Passion "Mar-tea-ni"
-2oz of Sencha green tea & exotic fruit blend, or "crime of passion" infused vodka 
-1oz exotic fruit juice
-splash of sparkling wine
-exotic fruit garnish 
Directions: This is the one that will make you look like a pro. Take that green tea and steep it into your vodka for at least 2-3 hours (overnight is even better) it will take on the colour and essence of the tea. Toss the tea. Put the now tea infused vodka into your martini shaker with ice, add any exotic fruit of your choice and a bit of lemon juice. Now shake what your mama  gave ya! (The martini shaker that is) Strain into a chilled martini glass, top with a splash of sparkling wine to give it some bubbly effervescent texture. Next, choose any exotic fruit of your choice (We like starfruit) and use it for your garnish. 



Strawberries & Champagne: (Champagne Cocktail)
-1oz steeped oolong & strawberry tea or, "strawberries & champagne tea" infused simple syrup
-3oz cava/sparkling wine/champagne: Whatever floats your boat. 
-frozen berries
- fresh sliced strawberry garnish
Directions: Simple syrup = boiled water and sugar. Add in the tea to steep for 8 minutes. 
Next, put frozen berries in the bottom of glass. Add tea infused syrup, top with sparkling wine and add strawberry for garnish and beautiful presentation. Bonus: The frozen berries will act as ice cubes keeping your drink cold longer!




Did you get a chance to try any of these at home? Show us on Instagram or Twitter (@tease_tea) we would love to see it!


Weather you're with your crush, lover, friends or fam - We wish all you tea lovers a love filled Valentines.
Happy Sipping!

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CIndy Engelen
CIndy Engelen

March 23, 2015

Wow Tease Tea gets better everyday. I can’t believe you can you use tea for cocktails.
So excited to try these. Thank you Tease tea for have such Fantastic tea ideas.
I’d have to say Sheena you are one smart women.

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