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Your Bath Will Never Be the Same....



We are so proud of our local "Little Sister" company, Bathorium, on their official grand opening launch today! We have watched them from concept and vision to start-up reality and we wish them nothing but the best of success!

To meet all your bathing needs Bathorium sources the highest grade of essential oils, exotic fair trade butters and other rejuvenating components that are all pure, safe and beneficial to your mind and body. Bathorium was born out of desire to create a unique bath product  consisting of quality ingredients dense in essentials oils and butters. Whether it’s a relaxing soak in the evening, a morning wake-up jolt, or tub time for the little ones, co-founders Greg Macdonald and Mathieu Roy Chabot know you will enjoy their ten individual bombs as much as they do. 


What bomb do we recommend? 


If you thought Matcha Green Tea was solely meant to drink on the way to yoga class than you better get ready for this! Matcha green tea has ancient sought out properties that naturally detoxify the skin’s outer layer and helps retain moisture throughout the day. Enzymes in green tea have been proven to reduce the look of sun damage and tighten the skin where need be. The Bath Bomb uses premium grade blended matcha (yep, our matcha!) with a silky combination of butters and peppermint oils to leave your whole body and mind relaxed and peacefully rejuvenated. Bath & Tea... It's a matcha made in heaven.


What could be better than a luxurious bath experience? How about a Grand Opening Sale! The Bath Bomb is offering 20% off for all Bathing Enthusiasts for a limited time. Use promo code nowopen20!  

Happy Bathing Tea Lovers!



Sheena Brady
Sheena Brady


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