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drinktease: 9 Weight Loss Facts About Tea by tease contributor...


9 Weight Loss Facts About Tea

by tease contributor Kristen Sherman

Looking to steal some hearts while frolicking on the beach this summer? Add a little tease for great results! Green, white and black teas will help you shed those extra pounds and improve your overall health. 

Black heart (cards)the  tea shrub “camilla sinensis” contains antioxidants called flavonoids, the most potent being ECGC

Black heart (cards) what does ECGC do? Well, it speeds up weight-loss and stimulates metabolism! When paired with caffeine, it triggers the central nervous system and releases fat into the blood stream allowing your body to use it as fuel

Black heart (cards) teas with caffeine promote more weight loss

Black heart (cards) green tea has been proven to be the best kind of tea to drink when trying to lose weight

Black heart (cards) pairing green tea with white tea will give your body a copious amount of health and weight-loss benefits

Black heart (cards) white tea has a potent antibacterial and antiviral effect

Black heart (cards) though black tea has been shown to aid in weight loss, it is the most processed and has undergone crushing and fermentation. It, however, does have the highest caffeine level and is the base of many delicious teas such as Chai!

 Black heart (cards) beware of adding sugar or cream as they both increase your calorie intake. If you do prefer your tea a little bit sweeter, try using natural honey as it has more nutrients than refined sugar.

Black heart (cards) extra health bonus! some additional benefits of green tea include: reduced risks of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and stroke, improved cholesterol levels, and prevents the growth of many cancers

Looking for the perfect tea to battle your weight loss goals? from tease’s skinny collection, "triple teatox" is the way to go. 

Drink up, bikini beau-teas! 

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