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5 Signs You’re a Classic...

5 Signs You’re a Classic ‘tea’se:

clas·sic  (klas-ick) adj.

a. Of timeless quality

b. Serving as the established model or standard

c. Elegant.Simple.Harmonious 

1. Your friends and loved ones can count on you to be dependable & reliable 

2. Your taste in fashion can be best described as understated but elegant. You do not need to be involved in the latest trends to be fashionable.

3. A “meet the parents” type.

4. You appreciate traditional morals, values and standards.

5. You’re confident, know what you like, unwilling to compromise for anything less. 

What kind of tea is for you? The classics – The kinds that never go out of style like a good Chanel piece.

Wake up to fragrant cup of Assam black tea. Enjoy elegant sencha green tea from Japan after lunch. Unwind with a pure & barely processed white tea from China. You are likely to enjoy these teas in their natural beauty, sans blended ingredients, additives, or even milk & sugar.

What Kind of Tease are You? 


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