Spotlight Story March: Tease Tea Founders Fund

Each month we will be sharing inspiring stories, events and news from all three of our 2019 charitea partners. Get ready to be inspired & empowered!

We are honoured to feature one of our partners in our inaugural Founders Fund:

Chivon John

"Above all remember: You don't need to ask for permission to be who you are."

Chivon is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who works tirelessly to empower individuals to take care of themselves so they can take care of business. Chivon's wellness brand is devoted to helping individuals find more happiness, health, and hustle in their lives.

In addition to her empowerment and wellness work, Chivon is a communication specialist and the Founder and CEO of Secrets of a Side Hustler - a community designed to inspire, educate and connect individuals who juggle life as an employee and entrepreneur.

Chivon wants to live in a world where individuals feel empowered to create their own opportunities instead of waiting for them and regularly inspires through her writing, workshops and events.

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