Spotlight Story February: Plan International- Because I am a Girl

Each month we will be sharing inspiring stories, events and news from all three of our 2019 charitea partners. Get ready to be inspired & empowered!


At the age of just 8 Rose lost both her parents, leaving her and her five orphaned siblings to live with their uncle. Rose had big dreams, but her uncle struggled to support even the most basic needs of his nieces and nephews, and – unfortunately – didn’t see the value in schooling.

“He told me how useless education is and that I’m wasting my time going to school instead of getting married,” she shares.

Rose quickly found herself careening down a path with little control over her health, studies and direction in life.

“My uncle stopped supporting me with anything and told me I should look after my own needs like soap, sanitary pads and school materials,” she shares. While only in Grade 6, Rose was left with no choice but to drop out of school, exposing her to added risks like exploitation and early marriage.

FULL STORY on how Because I am A Girl forever changed Rose's life and giving her a bright future.


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