Spotlight Story May: Women for Women International

Each month we will be sharing inspiring stories, events and news from all three of our 2019 charitea partners. Get ready to be inspired & empowered!

This year marka the 25th Anniversary of the beginning of that massacre. At Women for Women International,they choose to learn from the women who survived the worst moment in Rwanda’s history. The challenge of creating a lasting peace depended greatly on the actions of women, who were the majority of survivors.

Violette is one of the women who survived the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. After graduating from our yearlong social and economic empowerment program, she’s utilized the skills and knowledge she gained to create sustainable change for herself, her family, and community.

"This program has changed my life. My mind has been opened,”

In 2004, Violette learned about Women for Women International’s programs. She enrolled and was matched with a sponsor in the United States - a woman named Liz, a Boston mother of two. Liz pledged to support Violette’s trainings via her monthly sponroship, a portion of which also helped her pay for food, school fees for the children, and clothing.

As the year progressed, Violette flourished. She learned marketable job skills and honed her innate leadership abilities. Despite having only a high school education, Violette had become a local businesswoman and a leader in her community.

Read more about Violette's journey HERE

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