Spotlight Story April: Women for Women International

Each month we will be sharing inspiring stories, events and news from all three of our 2019 charitea partners. Get ready to be inspired & empowered!


 Since joining Women for Women International, Regina has been working to improve the health of those in her community.

She was married in 1980 and had two daughters. Her husband passed away, and shortly after his death his family kicked her out of his home. They did not want or allow their children to inherit his property.

Regina enrolled in the program in April 2013 and has not only benefitted from it personally, but has helped to make important changes in her community.

“The lessons on health and wellness opened my eyes to the importance of cleanliness in keeping me and those around me healthy. Before the training I was not aware of basic hygiene and would only quickly rinse utensils before serving food. I realized this was a risk for my family, as the utensils would not be clean and would put my family at risk of disease,” says Regina.

Regina taught her family about keeping their home clean. “My children help me sweep our compound and the rooms, and wash all the clothes and utensils. I constructed a rack to dry utensils after washing.”


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