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October Chari'tea Spotlight: Breast Cancer Treatment Task Force NYC

Tease Tea October Charitea Breast Cancer Treatment Task Force

Ottawa, ON – Tease Tea highlights Breast Treatment Task Force (BTTF)  as Octobers Chari'tea focus.

 Each month Tease Tea partners with a local women’s group to empower, support, and celebrate their important community work. A percentage of all sales go to supporting their work and efforts.

We are honoured to be affiliated with the Breast Treatment Task Force (BTTF) for Tease Tea’s October Charitea of the Month. BTTF facilitates free breast screening, diagnostic follow-up, and treatment for NYC patients without access to health insurance. Since its inception in December 2006, BTTF has facilitated more than $14 million in medical care for hundreds of uninsured patients. 

The cost of diagnostic follow-up services and treatments are extensive, often preventing low-income patients from obtaining the necessary treatment, or leaving them struggling with large medical debt. BTTF eliminates medical financial strains by offering the full range of breast care free of charge to uninsured patients.

BTTF believes that all individuals should have access to breast cancer screening, diagnostic follow-up and treatment, regardless of age, race, financial status, and accessibility to health insurance. Tease Tea could not agree more!

Please join us in supporting BTTF this October with every purchase at www.teasetea.com. Another way to get involved is by donating to their campaign. Please contact Elizabeth at elizabeth@the-bttf.org if you would like to get involved with the BTTF organization. 


Tease Team

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