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November Chari'tea Spotlight: Aunt Flow

Tease Tea November Charitea Aunt Flow Claire Coder


 Tuesday Nov 1st 2016 – Tease Tea selects Aunt Flow as its November Chari'tea Spotlight

Each month Tease Tea sponsors a women’s charity and helps raise awareness through support and funding.

Tease Tea will be partnering with ‘Aunt Flow’ for our November Charitea this year and we could not be more thrilled to collaborate with such a passionate, hardworking and talented girlboss & entrepreneur.


We met up with Founder, Claire Coder, whom we feel sums up her inspiration perfectly. “Aunt Flow was ideated at a Columbus Start-up weekend in November 2015, and all I could think about were my cramps. The period pains reminded me of how my mom would share with me that many of her clients (she is an art therapist) would come to group wearing multiple layers of clothing or plastic bags to stop the flow. I didn’t understand why women who are living at or below the poverty line had such a hard time getting tampons and pads until I started doing some research.”

“Feminine hygiene products aren’t covered by WIC or food stamps and many organizations do not have budget line items for the necessary items. I was tired of donating money/tampons, so at the Start-up weekend I pitched the idea to create a sustainable solution to the need. Thus Aunt Flow began” says Claire Coder. 

Aunt Flow believes that all women deserve access to high-quality tampons and pads. They are the only menstrual hygiene company in the United States that is a true buy-one, give-one model. For every tampon or pad purchased, one of the same quality is delivered to the organization of your choice. How's that for a personal purchase creating social impact! 

There are so many women in the United States who unfortunately have to ask herself, “is it food this week, or tampons?” Aunt Flow wants to change this reality.

“I created this social enterprise to provide women the dignity they deserve, lessen the taboo surrounding menstruation, and make sure that we have the comfort and security we need when Aunt Flow is in town.” Shares Claire.

Aunt Flow Founder Claire Coder Tease Tea Charitea

Please join us in supporting Aunt Flow this November with every purchase at www.teasetea.com. Another way of getting involved is by shopping at www.auntflow.org !


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