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March Chari'tea Spotlight: She's The First

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New York, NY- Tease Tea supports She's The First as March's Chari'tea spotlight. Each month, TeaseTea sponsors a women's charity and helps raise awareness through support and funding. 


"We provide scholarships to girls in low-income countries, fostering first-generation graduates and cultivating the next generation of global leaders."



The Focus: 

When She's The First accepts a girl into their program, they receive many benefits. First, they receive tuition assistance through scholarships. 

Scholarships are the single most effective way to combat poverty, providing girls with the opportunity to finish school without worrying about how to raise money to cover tuition fees.

They also receive mentorship, an important part of fostering the next generation of supported, educated women. 

Vulnerable students thrive when they have a role model to show them what's possible. That's why STF works with partners who believe in targeted, curriculum-based mentorship to provide ongoing support and interventions as needed on an individual basis.

In many countries, health is an obstacle preventing girls from going to school. They lack the resources to stay healthy with adequate food and medical attention. She's the First believes that every girl deserves healthy living and opportunity. 

It's hard to concentrate when you're sick, which is why all STF Scholars need the basics, too—things like uniforms, shoes, healthy food, and medicine when they aren't feeling well.

Safety and housing is also a large concern for the girls. That's why She's the First provides assistance in as many ways as possible to ensure safety and security in housing. 

Wherever applicable, STF covers the boarding costs of students who live in dorms or other partner-sponsored housing. A supportive home environment means she’s free to study and she doesn't have to worry about dangerous, daunting commutes to school.

She's The First is an organization dedicated to global awareness and the support of girls that in turn, grow up to be educated women providing a better life for generations to come. They work with local organizations in many countries such as India, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Tanzania, Peru, Guatemala, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, and Nepal. With the help of those organizations, they are able to create local capacity growth and sustainable impact. 

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To donate or learn more, please visit www.shesthefirst.org 

Leandra Collier
Leandra Collier


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