June Charitea Spotlight - UnCo

Ottawa, ONT- 

From shelters to startups, each month Tease Tea chooses an organization to support and focus on for the betterment, and empowerment of women and/or girls. 

This month, Tease Tea highlights femme startup UnCo. as our Charitea feature. 

UnCo simplifies the wardrobe-curation experience for women entrepreneurs and innovators in their fields who are low on time and high in ambition and social consciousness. We help them build maximum-utility wardrobes with minimum environmental impact.

UnCo. does this specifically by collaborating exclusively with Canadian women designers who also manufacture their clothing right here in our beautiful homeland.



A responsible and ethical fashion company that doesn’t exploit people or the planet, UnCo. simplifies apparel and empowers forward-thinking femme leaders to quickly and easily build timeless, professional wardrobes with utility in mind. Through a closed-loop system that inspires people to consume less and purchase smarter, UnCo. aims to reduce textile waste in landfills and empowers people to do more with less.


Is a Capsule Wardrobe right for you?

If you answer yes to 3 or more of these questions, or know someone who does, then we highly suggest you checkout UnCo’s Indiegogo campaign to launch their concept nationwide. Several pledge tiers come with personally curated pieces as a reward.

  1. Even with a closet full of clothes, you end up wearing the same few pieces over and over again.
  2. You are known to say things like: “I have nothing to wear.” When, in fact, you have lots of things to wear, but for some reason you just don’t want to wear any of them.
  3. Sometimes you find pieces of clothing in the back of your closet that still have the tags on them. Woops — guess you never wore that one?
  4. You have been known to buy ill-fitting clothes off the clearance rack, because CLEARANCE.
  5. Finding the time, energy, and money to put together a perfect (and affordable) wardrobe is overwhelming, so you just wear one of your three regular shirts again.
  6. You want two things in life, really: a) to look pretty good most of the time without really having to think about it, and b) to spend the saved brain space on other important things.

Join us in supporting UnCo and Canadian Fashion. It’s really a no brainer. 

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