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June Chari'tea Spotlight: Movemeant


Bend, OR: From shelters to startups, each month Tease Tea selects an organization committed to the empowerment of women to support and highlight.

Tease is proud to announce Movemeant as our June Chari'tea organization. They empower girls and women through movement and have developed countless programs and events to reach as many females as possible.

Mission: They believe everyone is meant to move and they want to encourage that movement to enable women and girls to discover their self-confidence, and positive body image that will in turn lead to overall well being to allow them to take on the world.

Movemeant has several components to their organizations, from #BeMoreHuman to #WeDareToBare. BeMoreHuman is a campaign in which Movemeant joined forces with Reebok and gathered inspirational women who represent strong females and together transform the world around them. Their goal is to empower, break down barriers and be the role models to embody all of Movemeant’s values- strength, confidence, leadership, fearlessness, passion and a drive for change.

Our young women are bombarded with images and messages that glorify perfection as thin and beautiful.  In some instances, they also have inadequate education on the merits of healthy, active, nutritious living.  As a result, our young women are falling short--failing to realize how extraordinary they are. Instead they focus on everything they are not.

Another wonderful component is their national movement - We Dare To Bare- which asks women and girls the question: What if we DARE to overcome the insecurities we have about our bodies? Instead they want to promote women and girls to BARE their insecurities with a goal to conquer them and reveal their best selves.

To read and discover more about Movemeant or donate click Here

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