July Chari'tea Spotlight: Women's Bean Project

Denver, CO: From shelters to startups, each month Tease Tea selects an organization committed to the empowerment of women to support and highlight.

Tease was thrilled to discover and learn about Women's Bean Project and we have selected it as July's Chari'tea.

Mission: To change women’s lives by providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise and break the poverty cycle.

Women’s Bean Project has the belief that every woman has the ability to transform their lives through employment. They hire women who are chronically unemployed and give them the tools to make products that Women’s Bean Project in turn sells across the United States to major retailers. The women gain confidence from their employment, feel a sense of purpose and break the cycle of poverty.

Because when you change a woman’s life, you change her family’s life. 

Founder, Josepha “Jossy” Eyre, lived through the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands as a child and naturally shaped her growing up. Her experiences left Eyre with a deep sense of hopelessness which was something she noticed among the homeless women she encountered years later as she volunteered at a local shelter. Eyre had a desire to help and wondered what it would take to give these women independence and be self sufficient. The answer came to her in 1989 in the form of beans!

Eyre saw that while the shelter kept women safe, it could not help them make lasting changes in their lives. Eyre bought $500 worth of beans and put two homeless women to work making bean soup – the first step in building the social enterprise we are today. Our training opportunities have expanded dramatically over 25 years, and our annual operating budget has grown from $6,100 to over $1.7 million.

To learn more and support Women's Bean Project, visit them Here

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