December Chari'tea Spotlight: iSisters Technology Mentoring

Ottawa, Ont: From shelters to startups, each month Tease Tea selects an organization committed to the empowerment of women to support and highlight.

iSisters Technology Mentoring is Canadian charity founded in 2001.

Their mission: Develop and deliver technology programs and mentor women in collaboration with community partners, to build awareness that enhances opportunities to connect women in need with technology, through mentoring.

As a leader in technology learning and development, iSisters helps empower women in need to live better lives, create brighter futures and build stronger communities. 

iSisters education programs are delivered in partnership with community-based service organizations to empower local women in need (often young mothers) with the technology and job seeking skills necessary to overcome unemployment and limited education, and to reduce or eliminate dependence on government services.

iSisters is a low cost, high impact organization with a proven track record of achieving sustainability though partnership. 

The only organization of its kind offering technology education and training to women in the Ottawa area, iSisters’ award-winning, sustainable and innovative technology mentoring programs, offered free to participants are built through strategic alliances with non-profit community partners. 

Want to get involved? Support iSisters learning programs by hosting a learner from our programs at your workplace. This can include job shadowing, co-op placements or term work placements. If you prefer to make a donation or learn more, visit


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