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August Chari'tea Spotlight: YWCA Toronto

Tease Tea Charitea YWCA

Ottawa, ON – Tease Tea highlights YWCA Toronto as August's Chari'tea focus

 Each month Tease Tea partners with a local women’s group to empower, support, and celebrate their important community work. A percentage of all sales go to supporting their work and efforts.

YWCA Toronto is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls. They help women and girls flee violence, secure housing, find jobs, establish their voices, enhance skills and develop confidence. YWCA offers a range of housing options, employment and training programs, community support programs, girls' programs and family programs; we also engage in systemic advocacy.

As part of a national and international movement, the YWCA is a turning point in the lives of 25 million women and girls world wide.

YWCA welcomes women of all faiths, sexual orientations, races, cultural affiliations and creeds.

Their board is a team of dedicated leaders in transforming the lives of marginalized and disadvantaged women and girls in Toronto. 

To find out more about YWCA, you can view their website here


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