April Chari'tea Spotlight: Ace



Across Canada: From shelters to startups, each month Tease Tea selects an organization committed to the empowerment of women to support and highlight.

Tease is thrilled to announce we are highlighting Ace for our April Chari'tea. Once we came across this organization we knew we had to get involved. Women supporting women is where we are completely aligned in our vision.


Ace is a collective of intelligent, ambitious, fierce and passionate women whose goals is to cultivate and empower one another to live our lives to the fullest. As a group they recognize that there is potential in the power of the collective, which is why Ace was created as space to lift up, support another and encouraging each other to thrive.

Our content is created with the modern, get-shit-done woman in mind. We know you don’t have time for bullshit – you’re too busy running your empire. We are real. We are raw. We are vulnerable. And we think that’s what strength is made of.

Ace is a media and events company that is designed by women for women. Their aim is to change the way women connect with other women. This intention is demonstrated as they break down barriers of connection that exist among women.


To find out more and look into their events and memberships visit them HERE


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