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February Chairitea Spotlight - Cultivating Herstory

Tease Tea Chairitea Cultivating Herstory

Ottawa, ON – Tease Tea selects the Cultivating Herstory Project as its February chari’TEA 


Each month Tease Tea partners with a women’s charity and supports them through awareness building and funding, in effort to celebrate women's achievements. 

The Cultivating Herstory Project (CHS) was founded in 2012, by Jennisha Wilson, to challenge stereotypes circulating young women of colour, food justice and health in Jane-Finch, Toronto. Since then, the focus has shifted to servicing youth across North York, Toronto, to build cultural knowledge, help recognize the importance of young women of colour and their role in shaping a community, and equipping this group with employable skills and knowledge to support their aspirations in life. Youth leaders, Donnique Reeves, Zaida Wisdom Nelson and Talisha Ramsaroop, Paula Elias have been integral to the above process through their work on the project. 

“Being a part of the conversation starts with listening,” says Sheena Brady, Tease Tea founder. “The Cultivating Herstory Project is a service we are proud to sponsor as building a healthy community starts with genuine understanding of its members.” 

Through Cultivating Herstory, Tease Tea also celebrated the Girls Day of Action on February 14th, 2016. This customized workshop focused on celebrating the achievements, leadership and aspirations of 30 young women within their specific communities.

For more Information on the project please email cultivatingherstory@gmail.com



Tease Tea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory boutique with a flagship store in New York City. Visit teasetea.com for more selections and to learn more about its monthly chari’TEA partnerships.  


Sharon C
Sharon C


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