June Chari'TEA Spotlight - Cornerstone: Housing for Women

Tease Tea June Chairitea Cornerstone Women's Shelter Ottawa


Ottawa, ON – Tease Tea highlights Cornerstone Housing as June's Chari'tea focus

 Each month Tease Tea partners with a local women’s group to empower, support, and celebrate their important community work.

 For June 2016, Tease Tea will be donating a portion of all sales for the month of June to Cornerstone. 

Cornerstone provides emergency shelter and supportive housing for a diversity of women. 

Their services are offered in an environment which promotes dignity and a sense of hope.

Cornerstone is committed to public education and advocacy, and strives to increase safe, affordable housing and to end homelessness.

Celebrating achievements: 

In 2015, 915 single women became homeless in Ottawa. Cornerstone was able to help 507 of them. Their incredible team has plans to keep developing new opportunities for women to take hold of their futures in the knowledge that they are surrounded by people who believe in them.

 “The work that Cornerstone does is truly empowering. They help women feel supported, and not alone in their journey to seek stability in terms of living conditions. We could not be more proud to highlight what they do." says Sheena Brady, Tease Tea Founder and CEO.

Please read about the many ways you can be part of the solutions that will make Ottawa a better, safer place for women in transition.

 Tease Tea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory boutique with a pop up store in New York City. Visit teasetea.com for more selections and to learn more about its monthly chari’TEA partnerships. 


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